Hamburg Bed And Breakfast, Hamburg, Germany

Reasonably priced single or double rooms available in private accommodation house in the south of Hamburg (breakfast available)

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Owners: Private family
Open Since: 2000
Price Range: Check with owner as prices may vary

No. of Rooms With Private Bath: 2

Location: In city and In suburbs

Amenities: Telephone in room, Television in room, Children possible and Coffee and tea tray in bed before breakfast

Sight-Seeing: Museum, Art galleries, Aquarium, Historical site/district, Amusement park and Zoo

Water Sports: Sailboat rentals and Swimming

Out In The Town: Antique shops/malls, Espresso bars, Shopping district, Dancing, Casino gambling, Theatre and Movie cinemas

Memberships: (* = organization inspected the inn, + = organization is PAAAC approved) * Bed and Breakfast Ring Germany

Area Attractions:
Very good fish market, Reeperbahn (red light district)

These recreational facilities and attractions are all within 5 miles of Hamburg Bed and Breakfast.

Hamburg Bed and BreakfastGermany Bed and Breakfast

Hamburg Bed and Breakfast Contact Information

Langenberg strasse
Hamburg 21077
FAX: +49-30-44048109
45236 [at]

Ratings & Reviews

3 stars (4 ratings)

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