Moon House, Cagliari, Italy

Moon House is a bed and breakfast inn located in the Cagliari area. This Italy B&B is run by iole usai who can be reached at 070562648. If you want to see other inns like Moon House near Cagliari, Italy, see the nearby cities list below including Acquasparta, Assisi and Acireale.

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Owners: iole usai
Open Since: 2002
Price Range: Check with owner as prices may vary
Inncentives™ Discount for InnSite Users: I offer 5% discount to users of Innsite

No. of Rooms With Shared Bath: 2

Location: In city

Amenities: Air conditioning, Television in room and Sitting room/library

Cagliari Bed and BreakfastItaly Bed and Breakfast

Moon House Contact Information

via dolianova 16
Cagliari 9134
ioiouu [at]

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