Miradois Bed & Breakfast, Naples, Italy

Accomodation in Napoli - Miradois Bed & Breakfast (private apartment)

In Salita Miradois, in the heart of the livelist city of the Mediterranean, a good choice if you're on a budget and want to enjoy the flavor of Naples's most historic quarter. Here, you have the possibility of enjoying one of the greatest pleasures of all: a private apartment with a view - not any view, but the incomparable panorama of Naples and Vesuvius. Mount Vesuvius, which is probably the most famous volcano in the world, is situated just above the Gulf of Naples in the Campania region of Italy. Vesuvius also happens to be the only active volcano located on the mainland of Europe. It rises approximately 4,200 ft (1,280 m) giving those who venture to the top an excellent view of the area below. It can best be described as a volcano within a volcano. Vesuvius actually sits inside a huge caldera, which was formed when Mount Somma collapsed. The area between Mount Somma and Mount Vesuvius is called the Valle del Gigante (Giant's Valley). Volcanic activity from this area goes as far back as over 400.000 years, but it wasn't until August 24, 79 AD that Vesuvius made its mark in history. The volcano seemed so harmless, but we know how dangerous it can be. We can only hope that this volcano will not erupt again and destroy more lives.

You can enjoy a deeper level of experience by staying in one place seeing the things that are close to you. It is an easier, simpler and slower way of traveling. All of our beds are fully made-up with sheets, duvets and pillows, so you don't have to bring your own stuff. The lounge is comfortable and convenient, as is our fully-equipped kitchen

The centrality of Miradois gives the possibility to walk for many places by foot in the historical and cultural centre of Naples. The Apartment is very close to:

- the "National Archaeological Museum" and via Roma (If you enjoy history, archaeology and ancient relics you will definitely want to visit the National Archaeological Museum. The museum is one of the most important and leading archaeological museums in the world. It contains an unprecedented collection of Roman-Greco antiquities from Pompeii, Stabiae, Herculaneum and other archaeological sites located in and around the region of Campania.

- the "Duomo" of Napoli (gothic cathedral),

- the "Capodimonte Museum" (royal palace with the best paintings collection in Napoli with Caravaggio, Vasari, Guido Reni, De Ribera, Lanfranco, Tiziano, etc.).

- "Astronomical observatory of Capodimonte"

- "Botanical garden of Napoli"

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Owners: Francesco Pisanti
Price Range: Check with owner as prices may vary
Inncentives™ Discount for InnSite Users: Special discount of 20%

No. of Rooms With Private Bath: 1
No. of Rooms With Shared Bath: 2

Location: In city

Amenities: Television in room, Full breakfast, Continental breakfast, Guest refrigerator (filled), Balcony, Room with scenic view, Pets allowed, Children possible, Babysitter available, Evening dessert/cordials/hors d'oeuvres, Coffee and tea tray in bed before breakfast and Discounts/specials available

Sight-Seeing: Museum, Art galleries, Aquarium, Historical site/district, Historical village/park and Zoo

Other Sports: Tennis

Out In The Town: Antique shops/malls, Espresso bars, Shopping district, Dancing, Horse racing, Theatre, Movie cinemas, Concerts, Bowling and Bars/night clubs

Out In Nature: Beach

Rides & Tours: Excursion boats/cruises and City tours

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Miradois Bed & Breakfast Contact Information

Salita Miradois
+39 081 441282
FAX: +39 081 0609308
francesco [at] lohas.it

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