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The New England region contains many fabulous, reputable, and exciting cities including many favorites such as Boston, New Haven, and Providence. Each of these cities attracts a massive amount of tourists to the coast every year. Why are tourists attracted to these cities and the surrounding areas? Because of the history embedded into the very ground itself and imbued into the modern attractions.
The New England area is situated on the northeastern corner of the United States nestled against the East Coast with a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean and many islands. The six states of New England, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine also have many scenic hills and mountain ranges to explore. To enjoy this breathtaking scenery along with the natural beauty supported by the desirable climate, both residents and tourists choose to spend their vacations in one of the many luxurious bed and breakfast inns, charming cottages, and romantic mansions. Historically, New England has many of the oldest operating inns, demonstrating New England's tie to American History.
Along with featuring the resounding history of the area, bed and breakfast inns and resorts offer well, of course, breakfast! For most travelers, the hassle of cooking and procuring something substantial in the morning is a hassle best left to someone else, preferably someone local. Coupled with breakfast, the inns, cottages, mansions, and resorts of New England offer blood pumping activities for travelers such as shopping & antiquing, skiing, tennis, mountain biking, hiking through the countryside, and many maritime activities. Bed and breakfast inns throughout New England are perfect for a traveler or travelers looking for a vacation or just a getaway located in an exciting, historical (yet modern) travel destination.
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