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When visiting Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia there are many reasons to stay in a bed and breakfast inn instead of the standard hotel-motel. The Pacific Northwest is a region of contrasts. Three metropolises with residencies exceeding 2 million apiece juxtapose with isolated woodlands. Snow-capped eastern mountains mirror beaches lapped by waves of the Pacific Ocean on the western coast. Conditions run the gamut from arid rain shadows to damp oceanic climates, both hot summers and subarctic winters occur.
The Pacific Northwest meets the demands of travelers who desire downtown liveliness with the Vancouver-Seattle-Portland Corridor, a sprawling megalopolis of nearly nine million inhabitants. For those who would rather experience the region at a more leisurely pace, ecological wonders abound. Worthy natural spectacles include old-growth forests, pristine rushing rivers and streams teeming with native trout and salmon and four national parks - Olympic, Crater Lake, North Cascades and Mount Rainier.
Want to experience regional contrast while staying off the beaten path of hotel chains? There are dozens of quality bed and breakfast inns to choose from. The region's bed and breakfasts stay true to the theme of contrast, varying from elegant and proper to cozy and simple. Imagine enjoying a stunning view of the Cascade Range from your private bedroom, crisp pacific breezes wafting through your open window. Partake in an exciting day of shopping and sightseeing with your loved one and return to a cozy cottage suite without distractions to cleanse yourself of day-to-day monotony. No matter what surroundings you prefer, no matter where your itinerary leads you, there is likely a bed and breakfast waiting to make your stay unique and memorable.
The Pacific Northwest and bed and breakfast inns make an ideal combination, and this combination may just be the excitement you've been looking to add to your travel plans.
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