The Space Needle, Seattle

When thinking of Seattle, Washington, one immediately conjures thoughts of coffee, rain, and of course, the image of the iconic Seattle Space Needle. Built in the 1960s for the 1962 World's Fair, the Space Needle has since served as a symbol of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Standing at a total height of 605 feet, the Space Needle offers breathtaking views that no trip to Seattle is complete without.
Located at 400 Broad Street in the Seattle Center Park, the Space Needle gives visitors a 360 degree view around the city and surrounding areas. For those daring enough to venture up the 520 feet, the observation offers the opportunity to take in these views from both indoors and outdoors. On the observation deck, the experience is only further enhanced by the availability of complimentary telescopes. Or if you want a unique dining experience, the Sky City Restaurant on the observation deck gives you a chance to dine in the sky above the city. While visitors can travel up to the top for an additional cost, for those who are less than excited at the prospect of going another hundred feet in the air, there are still plenty of other activities to enjoy at the Space Needle. These activities will keep you firmly on the ground at the base of the Needle.
From the Experience Music Project, Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame, to the Pacific Science Project, everyone will find something that interests them at the Space Needle. There is even a small amusement park perfect for kids. The Space Needle is a symbol of Seattle that no trip is complete with. Whether you are enjoying the view from above or the activities below, the Space Needle will not disappoint.
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