Things To Do in Portland Oregon

Portland, Oregon is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year, with such places to see as the majestic Mount Hood, which is Oregon's largest mountain and dormant volcano. Or you could make a trip over to one of the fine wineries the state has to offer. The state boasts optimal climates for having both pinot noir and pinot gris wines. If you seem to be more in the mood for something scenic, the Columbia Gorge of Washington and Oregon also has a number of beautiful waterfalls and rock cliffs for your viewing pleasure.
Once nighttime rolls around, there are plenty of other activities that you can occupy your time with, as there is no shortage of restaurants or brew pubs in the downtown areas. Oregon happens to be the leader in microbrewery, laying claim to having more varieties of microbrew than any other state in the U.S. The downtown area has food for any mood that you happen to be in, whether you feel like having Thai, Lebanese, Spanish, or classic American cuisine. You are sure to find a place that will suit your needs. And before you leave this wonderful city, you need to make sure that you head over to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. With its interactive exhibits and IMAX Theater, it is a big hit with families and anyone else looking to have a good time.
Portland, Oregon, with its many family oriented destinations and scenic sights it has to offer, is the perfect destination all year-round for families and people looking for a nice relaxing trip.
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